The morning after a torrential lightning storm three-dozen women across the mega-metropolis of New Frontier wake up with superhuman powers and abilities from a strange phenomenon known only as womb energy. They are forced to scatter underground into hiding while being hunted down by a strike force of vivisectors looking to use them as guinea pigs for a secret superhuman ops program.

The women who are caught by these vivisectors have a choice, complete surrender or death. Those who choose surrender are never heard from again, those who choose death are slaughtered where they stand.

However, a few of these supernatural women have escaped detection and manage to remain hidden. They are gathered together, in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier, by a para-psychiatrist and an ex CIA Black Ops Director. These supernaturals are joined by superhuman male warriors who have broken free of the CIA Black Ops employ and are also in need of protection.

Together they become Stormbringers and battle against the forces attempting to exploit and enslave them. In their attempt to defend their freedom, the U.S. Government labels them as terrorists and enemies of the state. As a result, the Stormbringers become superheroes to prove the government wrong and to counteract their smear campaign.

As the Stormbringers heroic acts begin to add up, they attract the attention of the 8 Great Gods of New Frontier. These self-named, self-proclaimed gods are among the most powerful and influential beings in the world. Each god rules his or her own corporate empire or secret society and believes the uniting of supernaturals and warriors as heroes to be the only threat to their power.

Quietly, invisibly, these 8 Great Gods of New Frontier attempt utilize the vast resources at their disposal to wipe out the Stormbringers and all supernaturals who are not in their employ. The Stormbringers will battle and destroy each god and his empire, one at a time, in 10-issue story arcs, to free themselves from the gods’ superhero extinction agenda. The Stormbringers will ultimately free all of humanity from the global dominance, influence and divine-right-to-rule of the 8 Great Gods of New Frontier.