Nathan Nance

Street Tag: None
Praise Name: None
Class: Human
Height: 5’10
Weight: 140 lbs
Group Affiliation: None
Real Name: Nathan Nance
Ethnicity: African-American
Powers & Abilities: Genius-level intelligence

General Info:
Nathan Nance is Glory’s best male friend. He has been a darling among the teachers and staff in school since elementary because he’s such a gifted and active student. Conversely this has labeled him a geek/nerd by his classmates – a designation that’s followed him right into to high school. Nathan has still been able to navigate through many of the social waters of public school by being very down to earth, approachable, funny and a great dancer; his earnestness, wit and charm give him passport into most social situations…except for those controlled by the popular kids.


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