Street Tag: None
Praise Name: None
Class: Human
Height: 5’7
Weight: 118 lbs
Group Affiliation: None
Real Name: Heiress Bane
Ethnicity: African-American
Powers & Abilities: Able to manipulate both benevolent and malevolent magic by use of a magic wand crafted, charged and given to her by a witch in her father’s employ.

General Info:
Heiress is the youngest child of Lord Augustus Bane, one of the richest men in the world.  Heiress is the self-proclaimed princess of all teenagers and wants to rule the world one day as queen.  Heiress was given a magic wand on her 10th birthday by a witch indebted to her father.  The magic wand’s full capabilities are as yet unknown…but they are said to be formidable.  After school and on weekends Heiress travels with a group of teen-age bodyguards who are students at The Girl’s Fighting Academy (aka Girl’s Fight High!)

Heiress is the human arch-nemesis of Glorious.  She feels Glory’s super heroism and power will take away from her spotlight as the most popular teen in the city.  She also sees Glory as a threat to her throne as one-day queen of the world.  Heiress’s immediate goal is to instill a monarchy in the teenage social structure in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier.


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