Street Tag: Glory
Praise Name: The Bright Star
Class: Supernatural
Height: 5’6
Weight: 115 lbs
Group Affiliation: None
Real Name: Glorious Goodnow
Ethnicity: African-American
Powers & Abilities: Glory’s brain has the ability to release large amounts of supercharged endorphins into every cell in her body. Her body then converts these endorphins into pure positively-charged energy. This supercharge of positive energy manifests in a number of ways, many which Glory has yet to discover. 

Initially Glory is able to utilize these meta-endorphins to enhance her strength, reflexes, endurance and to quickly heal.  Glory also has the ability of limited flight, and while there appears to be no direct correlation between her super-charged endorphins and her ability to fly it is most likely attributed to her brain’s sense of complete well being igniting psychic energies within it that give her localized telekinetic ability over her body.

To allow her brain to produce such large amounts of endorphins Glory must practice positive-thinking, maintain a generally good attitude, a strong sense of self confidence, self-esteem as well as remaining in a constant good mood.  This state of being has a positive physiological effect on Glory allowing her powers to generate at peak capacity, the reverse however is also true.  When Glory is plagued with self-doubt, negative thoughts, negative emotions, anxiety and low self-esteem her ability to produce meta-endorphins slows to a crawl and this all but diminishes her superpowers; Glory’s powers either work or don’t work based on how good she feels about herself.

Glory struggles with issues of self-esteem, body image, skin color and her family’s transition into a much lower socio-economic class therefore it’s a constant fight for her to maintain her powers.  Her struggle increases daily as she’s just turned 14, is beginning her freshman year in a public high school (Glory attended an elite Christian Academy her first 8 years of school). 

Glory also has secondary powers.  She has the empathic ability to sense both positive and negative emotions from other people.  Through touch, Glory can absorb positive energy from the emotions of others and unlock her brain’s ability to produce the requisite amount of endorphins needed to ignite her powers and abilities.  Through physical touch Glory can also pass positive energy and a sense of well being on to others thereby improving both their mental and physical state of being.  In effect, positive people are like batteries for Glory and when she touches them, and she can regain vitality and strength; negative people have the opposite effect, but when Glory is at her most positive she can act as a charger of positive energy for them as well.

Glory is a beacon of positive energy.  Set, the god of everything negative and evil in this plane of existence is trying desperately to materialize on Earth’s plane.  As a result every evil thing in the world is drawn to Glory looking to kill her so that Set can indeed materialize and The Abbatoir (i.e., the global slaughterhouse) can begin.  Glory is the only soul on earth standing in the way of Set’s materialization on the planet.


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