Glorious is about a teenage girl with superpowers that only work when she feels good about herself. It’s also about a girl who had it all and then, through no fault of her own, lost it all. Through sheer force of will she rebuilds from scratch and creates a life more valuable, rich and authentic than the one she lived before.

Glory is a 14-year-old straight-A, elite private-school student and teen socialite from a wealthy family. Her father is a brilliant inventor who worked for the advanced technology firm, The Id Corporation. Due to a massive job move for cheaper labor in Pakistan, India and China, Glory’s father and thousands of other high-tech inventors, researchers and scientists found themselves without careers or jobs.

With free time now on his hands, and to make ends meet, her father made moves to patent and cash-in on several of his own inventions. However, he was blocked and sued by his former employer who claimed proprietary rights to all intellectual property he produced while in their employ, even if the intellectual property in question was created during non-working hours.

This court battle went on for years and quickly drained the family of their wealth. Now Glory and her staunchly proud family are living the lives of average working-class Americans. And as the start of her freshman year in high school approaches Glory harbors a secret: she is a Supernatural, a woman miraculously gifted with superhuman abilities.

Unfortunately for Glory her powers are empathic; they only work when she feels good about herself. And starting her freshman year in high school in a new town and her first time ever in public school, Glory’s social norms and values are a lot different than the rest of the student body…this oftentimes amplifies her feelings of isolation and insecurity which short-circuits her powers when she needs them most.

And Glory needs full use of her powers because she is charged with a grave purpose: she must prevent the manifestation of Set, god of all demons, from becoming capable of physically materializing on our planet. To do this she must keep the positive energy on our planet vibrating at a certain frequency which will prevent Set’s Earthly materialization. This will take all her ability and skill to accomplish.

Glory discovers that she cannot trick her powers into working by faking how she feels and that, the only way to feel good about herself is through honest self-evaluation, continued self-improvement, personal and academic achievement and the love of her family and true friends. This journey will take Glorious through all four years of high school, into college and beyond.