Chapter Thirteen: The Holy Order of Acolytes

The Acolytes are a large religious order numbering close to ten thousand members who believe that to serve God is the highest order of living. To this end they believe they can best demonstrate their servitude to God in the physical realm through their complete obedience and total submission to his incarnate, earthly representative, the Acolyte spiritual leader, the ordained Fairo – the Hegemonic. Some in the Acolytian community believe that Fairo – the Hegemonic is God’s supreme vassal and that all of God’s commands and blessings pass physically through him and unto them. Others believe that Fairo – the Hegemonic is God in the flesh and that their devotion to him is merely an outward expression of their internal spiritual devotion. The Acolytes have a strict lifestyle of prayer, education, spiritual study, community service, nation building, and the raising of families. They attend Sabbatical three times a week, tithe regularly and have all taken the Vow of Minimalism.

Fairo – the Hegemonic

Fairo the Hegemonic is the Spiritual leader of The Acolyte Nation. He wants to spread the Acolytian doctrine of complete submission to God, through him, to the rest of New Front. He begins by buying up or taking over by force several churches in New Front and converting them into Acolyte Apostle Centers. Fairo believes that peace on earth is achieved through hegemony and that becoming an Acolyte is the only way to best achieve this. Secretly however, Fairo – the Hegemonic is a charlatan. He doesn’t really believe in any of this, he merely enjoys capitalizing off the power he holds over the thousands of parishioners who serve him. To this end he has trained bodyguards who have devoted their lives to his protection. He has a concubine of hundreds of women, usually teen-aged girls, and he has an elite team of assassins. His ultimate goal is to convert every church in New Front into an Acolyte Apostle Center or Acolyte place of worship.

Queen Starsha the Untouchable

Queen Starsha the Untouchable, is the virgin wife of Fairo – the Hegemonic. To Acolyte women she represents chastity, piety, submission and honor. She is the incarnate representation of what every Acolyte woman should aspire to be and maintain until marriage. To Acolyte men she is the example of the traits they should all desire and look for in a wife. However, in reality she’s not a virgin at all, Fairo has her at his whim. But in public she is believed to be a virgin and the representative of what Acolytian women should aspire to be and maintain until marriage.


Apostles are Acolytes who act as missionaries and recruits for their religious order. They usually work out of an Apostle Center doing charity work and reciting Acolytian scripture on street corners. They also recruit new members on street corners and sidewalks.