Street Tag: Snot
Praise Name: None
Occupation: Muscle for Hire; Heavyweight
Height: 6’5
Weight: 300 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The Shirley Caesar Personal Avegenging Agency
Real Name: Rufus Blume
Ethnicity: African-American
Age: 35

Snot is a former prizefighter and was once ranked #3 in the World Boxing Association Heavyweight Division. He is nicknamed Snot for two reasons, one, he’s the color of it and two he literally beat it out of his opponents in the boxing ring.

Despite being such a talented, bruising, ambidextrous heavyweight with a crushing left hook and a lights-out right cross, Snot suffered from a “glass jaw.” So, no matter how dominating he was in the ring, when even a much lesser opponent hit him with a glancing blow on the chin…it knocked Snot out cold.

Early in his boxing career Snot was able to mask this weakness by keeping his guard up at all times. He was such a talented and vicious boxer that he usually felled his opponents in the early rounds. However, as he began to climb the ranks of the WBA Heavyweight Division and the prizefighters were more skilled, every blow on the chin knocked him out and thus his career was ended.

In need of muscle, his old high school girlfriend Shirley Caesar tracked him down and hired him as extra muscle for her Personal Avenging Agency. Snot enjoys his work there because he gets to fight often and keep his hands dirty in the oftentimes violent and grimy case work that comes their way.


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