Street Tag: Fez
Praise Name: None
Occupation: Office Manager, Assistant Personal Avenger and Investigator
Height: 4’8
Weight: 95 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The Shirley Caesar Personal Avegenging Agency
Real Name: Not Given
Ethnicity: Congolese
Tribe: Bambuti
Age: Unknown

Fez is the Office Manager at Shirley Caesar Personal Avenging and Investigations. He answered the help wanted sign posted in her storefront window one day as he was walking by.

Fez had been living on the streets of New Frontier for more than a year taking odd jobs as a day laborer and doing everything he could to earn enough money to eat, find warm shelter for the night and stay alive for one more day.

Fez is what is derogatorily described as a Pygmy. His tribe lived in the rainforests of the Congo but due to deforestation by lumber companies stripping the forest for wood and cattle ranchers razing the trees to supply grazing land for their livestock, Fez’s habitat was destroyed and he and many of his tribesmen were herded into slavery as farm hands, domestic servants and laborers.

Fez escaped his captors and made his way to the UK and then the US. Here, Pygmies are the newest minorities and because of their height, the easiest to spot and discriminate against.  As stated above, before joining Big Shirley, Fez was homeless, along with many other Pygmies looking to start a new life in a new country after the deforestation of their homelands.


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