Street Tag: Schoolgirl
Praise Name: None
Occupation: Intern at Shirley Caesar Personal Avenging & Investigations
Height: 5’8
Weight: 135 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The Shirley Caesar Personal Avegenging Agency
Real Name: D’Angeline Murphy
Ethnicity: African-American
Age: 18

D’Angeline is the college intern at The Shirley Caesar Personal Avenging and Private Investigations Agency.  She is responsible for running errands, performing case research and client background checks, plus she provides computer and tech support for the Agency.

D’Angeline is the only daughter of Shirley Caesar’s slain partner, Dominic Murphy. Because of the risk and danger of her new profession Shirley initially refused D’Angeline the job. Undeterred, D’Angeline showed up to the office anyway, took over an empty desk, set up her laptop and began working. After doing this every day for a month and offering sound ideas, upgrading office efficiency and with the urging of Fez, Shirley reluctantly added D’Angeline to the staff.

D’Angeline is a freshman, majoring in Law Enforcement and Criminology at New Frontier State College and wants to be a homicide detective like her Dad.

Shirley is sick with fear for D’Angeline’s future as she wants her to have a peaceful, safe life. Shirley feels responsible for her safety and well-being as any former police officer would for the child of a fallen partner.


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