Andromeda The Star

Street Tag: Andromeda
Praise Name: The Star
Class: Supernatural
Code: Hero’s
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Group Affiliation: Stormbringers
Real Name: Miranda Sharpe
Ethnicity: African-American
Age: 19

Andromeda the Star has the ability to channel dark energy; the energy that fuels the acceleration and expansion of the universe.  When channeling this energy, Andromeda lights up like a star and emits it from the pores of her body in all directions.  She is able to transform her power into every know form of radiant energy: cosmic, light, electricity, heat, magnetic waves, etc.

Born Miranda Sharpe, she is the only daughter of Sterling Sharpe, billionaire, owner and CEO of the broadcast television network, Sharpe TV.  The daughter of a wealthy father, Miranda was given every advantage in life.  She was educated in the top private schools, traveled the world and enjoyed millions of dollars at her disposal.
Miranda began having skirmishes with the law when she joined the private school girl biker gang, the Ultraviolets.  But the parents of the Ultraviolets were so wealthy they had all legal infractions involving their daughters brushed under the rug.  While riding her motorcycle with this debutante, suburban, girl biker gang of privilege, Miranda met and fell in love with bad boy, Cyrano Thornbird, the oldest son of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier.

Miranda and Cyrano were a very passionate, very volatile couple: showing great affection for each other one moment and bitterly fighting with each other the next.  About one year or so into their relationship Miranda and Cyrano were embroiled in yet another shouting match in the backyard of her father’s immense 10-acre estate; during this exchange Miranda’s powers manifested in the worst possible way.  At the height of the argument Miranda experienced dark energy coursing through her veins for the very first time.  Frightened, she unleashed it up into the sky and accidentally shot down a NASA spy satellite.  The downing of the satellite was ruled a mystery as investigation upon investigation turned up nothing.

Miranda’s father, determined to keep her secret, contacted his old college classmate, renowned paranormal psychiatrist, Dr. Lydia Grant. 

Miranda met with Dr. Grant twice a week in private, and when Supernaturals around the mega-metropolis of New Front began being murdered her father put her into hiding.  That is, until another old college classmate of his, former CIA Black Ops Director, Dr. Malcolm X. Forbes began to assemble a team of Supernaturals to confront the ever escalating violence against Supernaturals.  Miranda’s father not only encouraged her to join this group, he made her.

Andromeda the Star absolutely hates using her powers.  Whenever she uses it, her power leaves her hair in a frizzy, knotted state, and oftentimes causes it to stand on end.  Using her power also darkens her skin for days at a time, and because she is skin-color conscious, it simply adds to the list of reasons she despises turning it on.

Miranda is spoiled, but now as a member of the Stormbringers, she may well have to put that aside.  In her quiet time Miranda grieves the loss of her mother, a woman she never knew before her mysterious disappearance merely days after she was born.  Miranda’s joining the Stormbringers was made easier by Dr. Forbes’s promise that he’d help her find out more information concerning her mother’s disappearance.


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