4 Gangs of New Frontier

The 4 Gangs of New Front are comprised of young men who are largely unskilled in the fighting arts. They mostly have treaties with the Dead Presidents to maintain the illegal drug trade in New Front in their specific territories i.e., their specific FHD’s (Federal Housing Districts). On a street level, they have established a loosely knit organized crime unit who delve off into other aspects of crime such as tax collection, gambling, extortion, armed robbery, and other miscellaneous criminal activity. They make up for their lack of training and fighting skill by their sheer number of members. When a member of a certain gang is threatened, each gang has its own rallying cry and dozens, sometimes up to one hundred members can assemble at a moments’ notice to stamp out the threat.

The 4 Gangs of New Front

  1. The Lo-riders
  2. The Heavyweights
  3. The Brass Knucklers
  4. The Black Cats
  5. The Lo-riders

The Lo-riders are a street gang whose territory is in Federal Housing District 1 [FDH1].

The Heavyweights are a street gang whose territory is in FHD2. The Heavyweights wear World Championship wrestling belts around their waists or tossed over their shoulders. And all of them are Heavyweights, i.e. Big Niggas.

The Brass Knucklers are a street gang whose territory is in FHD3. The Brass Knucklers often wear brass knuckles on their hands (like people wear rings).

The Black Cats are a street gang whose territory is in the under city of FHD4. The Black Cats are the largest gang in New Front, nearly double the size of the others. They often scream like cats when a large group of them are coming together.

The 4 Horsemen

Each of the 4 gangs of New Front was individually started by one of the 4 Horsemen. The 4 Horsemen were New Front’s very first gang. There were only 4 members, yet each one was so ruthless that they were able to carve out territory in FDH1, at that time the only Federal Housing Project in New Front.

After a falling out each member went their separate ways and started their own gang. Decades later these gangs have flourished and are more ruthless than the 4 Horsemen ever dreamed. Each of the 4 Horsemen are now dead, killed by members in the gang they started. However, one of them is believed to still be alive, although it is unsure as to which one it may be. One of the 4 horsemen is Stepson–the Heartthrob’s father. And as prophecy, foretold by Hoboken–the Blind Sage, it is the Heartthrob’s destiny to unite the 4 gangs of New Front and bring peace to the Federal Housing Districts.

New Gangs on the Rise

The Bottle Rockets

The Flatliners

The Slumlords

The Black Bottom Boys